Chocolate Marketing – Case Study Part 1

Marketing Chocolate

Recently we got the opportunity to pitch a company that wanted help in marketing chocolate. Not just any chocolate, but a variety of specialist types. We met the owner of the company twice and he was no joke. Smart, to the point and simply had a track record in the industry that was hard to beat.

Whilst he wasn’t the most tech savvy person in the world, he certainly had his own system of selling and it worked all the time.

In the meantime, whilst they admitted they didn’t know the world about digital marketing, they had employed an inexpensive company to take over their social marketing. And so when it came to meeting us for the second time, I knew they wanted to further talk about their search engine marketing.

I was excited…I mean who wouldn’t want to keep a chocolate company happy? Just imagine the perks….

(that reminds me twice we met them, and still no takeaway treats)

Chocolate Marketing Pitch

And as often is the case, when you’re as expensive as we are, clients want to know how much you know. And more than that, in this example, in the chocolate market. We were asked questions like:

What experience do we have in marketing this type of product?

And whilst we sat there being as honest as honest can be – we did reply with the truth:

we don’t need to know about chocolate marketing (like we do dental marketing), we need to know about google and how search engines work.

Sadly, in this case, we weren’t able to make a strong enough case to on board this particular client (and without any chocolate gifts to indulge in as a consolation prize), shame on them right, I had to appreciate that going forward, this was going to be a question that all sorts of people could ask.

Now often, when talking about any marketing, chocolate or otherwise, we don’t like to moan about people’s sites. Or what they’re doing wrong… Or what their last developer was up to…. Or question the spammy backlinks…

Nada – we simply don’t go down that route. We go the other way. We tell people, that if we were to compete with them in their industry, what we would do. And we share that.

We spend the next 59 minutes explaining how we would dominate that particular field. What’s interesting about that approach is, that after each meeting, we’ve got this mound of research we’ve done for the pitch…

So the other day I’m clearing my desk. I mean papers have just amassed everywhere. And I stumbled upon the notes I made for my chocolate meeting. It was such a fun niche, and I could see so many gaps that I simply couldn’t help myself.

I couldn’t let that research go to waste.

GOAL: I wanted to rank any page in the chocolate space in the top 3 pages, within 3 months.
RESEARCH: Well given that the research had already been done, I knew some of the lower hanging fruit keywords.
WHY: Well I could see that it had high search volume and low competition – and I owned a chocolate fountain. The actual product research would be SO MUCH FUN!!!

So then what happened?

Then it was time to research. I jumped on to Amazon and ordered 7-10 bags of chocolate fountain chocolate. I picked a weekend where I knew my wife would be out – and wouldn’t complain about my diet let alone my latest experiment!!!

After indulging BIG TIME, and polishing off 2 bags of Marshmallows on top of all the bags of chocolate, I knew I was going to write. The words just flowed and suddenly I found myself thinking

Maybe I am the world’s foremost expert on chocolate marketing…Maybe I should call Cadbury’s.

And before you know it, my article was researched, written and published. It was written on the 15th March 2019, and I found our site already ranking for the terms I wanted. I couldn’t believe it, and yes, there’s always random queries that google pickup – but for this page the below was happening….

Chocolate Marketing

Yes, there’s no traffic to the page, but who ever clicks past page 2 anyway. But I’m being indexed and ranked (on page 3-9) within a week. Can’t wait to report back in a few more weeks with an update, all the while vying to say the following 2 words: Mission Accomplished..


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